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Does your facility produce organic-heavy waste?

Biological wastewater treatment solutions might be what your plant needs to transform difficult-to-treat, high-BOD waste into cleaner effluent that’s easier to manage.

Whether your facility discharges to a municipal sewer or back to the environment, removing organic substances from water and air can be challenging. The most common way to manage these contaminants, often measured in biological oxygen demand, or BOD, is exposing them to bacteria, protozoa, and other microbes that break down the pollutants for food. In addition to feeding on organic molecules, these bacteria tend to stick together as they feed, which creates a flocculation effect and settles pollutants as solids. This produces sludge, which is dewatered and disposed of as solid waste.

SAMCO’s biological treatment solutions can help your facility:

  • decrease its footprint, chemical use, and energy consumption
  • produce high-quality effluent
  • recycle organically contaminated water
  • manage high levels of BOD and difficult-to-treat wastewaters

If you’re like many of our customers, you may have the following questions about biological water treatment:

  • How can we meet our strict discharge limitations?
  • How do we treat high BOD wastewater?
  • How can we reduce our POTW surcharges?
  • How do we recycle our wastewater for reuse or irrigation?
  • How can we reduce the footprint of our biological treatment system?
  • We’re exceeding our BOD discharge levels. How do we fix this?
  • How can we improve our effluent quality?

Still have questions?

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