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During project engineering and design, our engineers use system modeling and three-dimensional CAD to create designs consistent with all project requirements and manufacturing processes. This approach allows engineers, designers, and production staff to visualize the completed design before material is purchased and production labor is expended on a project. This ensures maximum quality and eliminates end-of-project mismatches by facilitating exact design calculations and detailed system modeling, as well as helping our engineers with efficient material selection and ordering.

SAMCO will call attention to possible design improvements that might impact performance and operating and maintenance expenses. We make these recommendations for both existing operating systems, and for new systems in the design stage. Value engineering is a service that SAMCO has successfully applied on many projects to reduce cost, enhance performance, and minimize risk.

Upon completion of your project design, SAMCO will provide:

      • Full-scale detailed process design (including mechanical, electrical, and system controls)
      • Final process flow diagram
      • Process instrumentation layout
      • Firm proposal
      • ROI projection

Our custom-engineered designs utilize:

      • Intelligent piping and instrumentation (P&ID)
      • A full database of system material by individual component
      • Three-dimensional plant and structural design
      • Loops diagram, including an integrated instrument and cable list
      • Mathematical modeling to enhance hydraulic design and optimize individual equipment static design
      • Process simulation to enhance and test the dynamic process design for normal and abnormal conditions
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