Phenols Removal from Wastewater

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When refineries purify crude oil to be used in products, the raw crude has many contaminants that need to be removed. During the washing cycle, phenols are removed from the crude and become attached to the water. Before the water can be discharged to the environment, the phenols must be removed and destroyed.

SAMCO uses a proprietary resin technology to absorb the phenols from the water. Then, after the media is saturated with phenols, a regeneration process takes place to remove them from the media and concentrate it into a liquid form for disposal.


      • Competing technologies are very expensive and generate a lot of secondary waste
      • This product is very efficient
      • Operating costs are low  
      • It doesn’t generate secondary waste
      • Small footprint

SAMCO can help you efficiently and cleanly remove phenols from your wastewater.

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