Power Generation and How Water Systems Make or Break It

Water and energy are so deeply connected that there’s actually a name for the relationship between the two: the water-energy nexus. Indeed, energy production requires the use or consumption of water; likewise, all of the processes used to draw, transport, heat, cool, treat, or dispose of water or wastewater consume energy. As water becomes scarcer, … » Read More

Industry Focus: Electronics Industry Trends and What They Mean For Your Water Management Strategy

  The electronics industry produces all of the devices to support life in an increasingly tech-focused world, including everything from mobile devices and televisions to industrial electronics and telecommunications components. At the core of the electronics industry is the semiconductor sector, which is responsible for producing the chips that are needed for manufacture of devices … » Read More

Industry Focus: How the Power Industry is Evolving and What it Means for Your Wastewater Management Strategy

It’s no secret that the power industry is undergoing a transformational moment. We’re already starting to see how the current energy transition is having far-reaching impacts across other industrial sectors, particularly in regards to water use.  Water use and energy production share a complex, intertwined relationship, and profound changes in the power industry are having … » Read More

Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Impacts and Outlook

Now more than ever, those in the power industry, manufacturers, oil and gas producers, and others are looking for ways to make operations more environmentally sustainable. One area that has increasingly caught the interest of researchers, regulators, and those in industry is carbon capture technology. Here, we offer a simple explanation of how carbon capture … » Read More

Bitcoin Mining and the Power Industry: Impacts and Outlook

You’ve no doubt heard of Bitcoin, the digital currency ecosystem that’s recently been getting attention for its steeply ascendant price, as well as for its impacts on the energy industry and the environment. While it was initially slow to take hold, adoption of Bitcoin is growing fast, prompting questions about its impact on the power … » Read More