Sour/Natural Gas Separation

When oil and gas are extracted from the earth using enhanced recovery methods, methane gas contaminated with carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), comes up along with it. The oil and gas then go through a tri-phase separator to separate out oil, water, and methane/natural gas.

When the gas comes off the separator, it is flared, and the CO2 and H2S are burned and released into the atmosphere, polluting it.

SAMCO has developed a cutting-edge treatment process that helps separate the sour gas from the sweet natural gas, so that the sweet natural gas can be harvested and either used on the platforms for running generators, or sent to the shore for sale as a commercial product.

We separate the sour gas from the usable gas by running it through specific membranes, and when the sour gas comes off the membranes, it goes through a process of incineration scrubbing. Then it is dissolved and put back safely back into the environment.

Advantages to using SAMCO’s sour / natural gas separation process:

      • Lower capital and operating cost
      • Small footprint
      • Minimized waste
      • Destruction of waste sour gas
      • No amine generation required
      • Retains usable/salable natural gas
      • Greatly reduces process equipment corrosion

SAMCO will help you efficiently and cleanly separate your methane and natural gas for destruction and/or harvesting.

stacks burning fumes from petroleum refinery
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