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Some purification demands more specific removal solutions than conventional deionization. SAMCO has a range of specialty ion exchange resins that can be specifically treated to meet your needs, including specialty chelating resins for selective process-stream purification. SAMCO has over 40 years’ experience helping companies like yours meet their process-fluid purification needs.


      • Remove specific ions from product stream
      • Selectively remove contaminants from waste stream prior to discharge
      • Resins designed for minimal waste
      • Able to focus on point source removal
      • Typically solve problems that membranes and conventional physical chemical separations can’t
      • Suitable for highly difficult applications


      • More expensive than conventional resins
      • Requires testing to make sure won’t interfere with other agents
      • Requires custom design/not off-the-shelf
      • Requires high use of chemicals

Ask an engineer what specialty ion exchange resins meet your removal needs.

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