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When it comes to our engineering services, SAMCO provides the maximum value for our customers. We minimize capital, installation, shipping, operational, and ongoing maintenance costs by pre-designing systems that are built, packaged, and supplied in the most efficient manner possible.

Engineering Services

Process Engineering and Concept Development

Lab and Pilot Studies

Detailed Design and Computer Modeling

Controls Integration and PLC Programming

Start Up and Aftermarket Services

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Whether you’re just getting started with a new system, or you’re looking to upgrade an older system, SAMCO offers a range of start-up and aftermarket services to keep you running—no matter where you are in your equipment life cycle.

Parts and Consumables

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As your trusted water, wastewater, and process filtration partner, SAMCO delivers parts and consumables services that keep your production flowing. With an extensive inventory of durable and nondurable brand-name equipment, as well as a team of knowledgeable service technicians, SAMCO can help you find parts you need, when you need them.

Engineering Services



Filter Press Cloths and Plates

Durco Compatible Parts

Turnkey Systems and Facilities

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We believe that the most efficient and cost-effective way to complete a project is to use a company that can provide complete, turnkey systems—and SAMCO has the staff and the expertise to meet your needs and take your water or wastewater treatment project head-on from concept to completion.


access area to filtration tank

SAMCO can assist with all aspects of installation to ensure a clean, fast start-up and quick commissioning. Whether SAMCO performs the installation ourselves or in conjunction with subcontractors and/or partners, our CAD 3D capabilities allow us to test your system electronically prior to the actual installation, saving you valuable time, effort, and cost.

Project Management

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Our commitment to deliver all components of a project on time, within budget, and beyond our customer’s expectations is the driving force of our business. We are also unique in that every project is assigned a project manager to ensure it moves smoothly through all fulfillment phases.

Operation and Ongoing Service Support

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Our trained professionals are ready to help maintain your system and ensure peak performance. SAMCO can generate data reports for your inspection needs and has executed a wide variety of operations and maintenance contracts.

Offsite Regeneration

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When your resins lose their exchange capacity and need to be regenerated, doing so on-site can create a host of extra risks and expenditures you might want to think twice about incurring. SAMCO offers off-site regeneration services that provide a safe, efficient regeneration option for your business.

Equipment Rentals

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SAMCO maintains a large inventory of pre-owned and remanufactured equipment available for rent. Our rental units are ideal for preliminary pilot studies to conduct at your plant location.

Remanufactured and Used Equipment For Sale

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Here at SAMCO, we have a substantial inventory of pre-owned equipment for sale that you can purchase as-is or have refurbished to near-new quality, depending on your needs. We can also help you design a complete system with used equipment (in addition to single components). 

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