AMBERPACK Sandwich Polishing System

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The AMBERPACK SANDWICH™ polishing system is a unique system that uses anion and cation resins that are separated by a nozzle plate and situated in a dual chamber configuration. With the capacity to hold twice the amount of resin that a mixed bed system can, and with a much smaller footprint, this efficient polishing system can produce a high-quality fluid stream comparable to a traditional mixed bed system, while occupying half the space. Ideal for treating low-salinity water, this polishing system also eliminates cross-contamination because the resins are not mixed, and the frequency of regeneration is reduced.


      • Smaller footprint
      • Efficient removal of sodium and silica
      • Little water consumed during generation
      • Can use 2 or 3 chambers (cation, anion, cation for higher quality)
      • Lower sodium leakages
      • Can handle high variations in feedwater chemistry
      • Proven, long operating history


      • Must be filtered to low particles prior
      • Chemical feed storage tanks and chemicals required
      • Neutralization process required
amberpack system
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