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ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ is a revolutionary pre-engineered ion exchange system designed to yield the highest quality water while minimizing waste. The Dow Chemical Company’s powerful AMBERJET™ resins and Amalgamated Research Inc.’s innovative patented fractal technology combine in this fully automated, skid-mounted system that is easy to install and operate. Each ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ process train produces up to 260 GPM of treated water that typically requires no further polishing. If additional flow is required, more trains may be added.

With up to 98% yield, it is the most efficient deionization process available today.

ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ is available as a standalone technology or can be integrated into a complete turnkey treatment plant with pre- and post-treatment options. Designed to fit on one skid, it is compact and accessible for maintenance and ideal for small spaces. The entire system is only 5’7” wide, by 7’6” high, by 35’ long.


      • Small footprint
      • Provides water quality over one million ohms
      • Provides high-yield recovery
      • Low chemical use


      • Not suitable for high TDS application
      • Water needs to be filtered prior to the unit
      • Designed around small flow rates (1,000 GPM or less)

ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ will quickly and easily increase your production volume and minimize waste.

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