Produced Water Treatment and Recovery

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Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) performed offshore can bring up oil along with a lot of water. SAMCO has developed a state-of-of-the-art procedure to remove the water from the oil, recover it, and safely discharge the water back into the ocean from onboard the platform or recycle it for reinjection. 

When the water comes off the tri-phase separator on the platform, we use a stepwise process to:

      1. Separate particles and dirt from the water
      2. Take out the oil from the water in the form of physical particles
      3. Use membrane technologies to separate the dissolved oil from the water
      4. Remove volatile organics from the water so it can be safely discharged back into the ocean

Our treatment options can be adjusted for your needs, and there are other steps we can add to this process to take out metals. We can also use our innovative two-step deoxygenation process on the produced water so it can be recycled and used for EOR injection or washing crude. The technology features a very small footprint on the platform compared to conventional technologies.

This process can also be used on land for oil and gas production, efficiently treating wastewater for reinjection and/or discharge.

Advantages to using SAMCO’s produced water treatment process:

      • Small footprint
      • Able to treat complex waters
      • Very little sludge is generated
      • Additional oil is recovered since this process doesn’t use chemicals for separation
      • The extra oil recovered can be sent down the pipes to shore 
      • High quality water that can be recycled for reinjection, washing/desalting crude, and/or safe discharge 

SAMCO can help you treat your produced water created from extracting oil and gas for reuse or a cleaner, safer discharge.

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