Cooling Tower Water Treatment

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Looking to boost cooling tower efficiency?

Proper cooling tower water treatment helps prolong cooling tower service life, maintain uninterrupted production, and reduce overall operating costs.

With over 40 years’ experience treating cooling tower water, SAMCO understands how fouling, corrosion, organic growth, and water scarcity can negatively impact your daily operations. If you’re looking to adjust pH, decrease total suspended solids in the form of copper, iron, zinc, or other heavy metals, or reduce or remove chemicals, carcinogens, oil, or grease, contact us today to see if we can help you treat your cooling tower water for either recycle/reuse or to meet municipal discharge guidelines.

With extensive knowledge about cooling tower chemistry and flow dynamic—in addition to several combinations of technologies that can help you treat your individual makeup water, side-stream filtration, and cooling tower blowdown needs—chances are we have a solution for you.

SAMCO’s custom-engineered cooling tower water treatment systems can help your facility regulate:
  • alkalinity; affects the potential of calcium carbonate scale
  • chlorides; can be corrosive to metals; different levels will be tolerated based on materials of cooling tower and equipment
  • hardness; contributes to scale in the cooling tower and on heat exchangers
  • iron; when combined with phosphate, iron can foul equipment
  • organic matter; promotes microorganism growth, which can lead to fouling, corrosion, and other system issues
  • silica; known for causing hard scale deposits
  • sulfates; like chlorides, can be extremely corrosive to metals
  • total dissolved solids; contribute to scaling, foaming, and/or corrosion
  • totals suspended solids; undissolved contaminants that can cause scaling, biofilms, and/or corrosion

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If you’re like many of the customers we’ve had in the past who seek cooling tower water treatment solutions, you may be asking the following:

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