Product Recovery & Concentration

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The removal of contaminants is vital to the quality of your product and efficiency of your process, and here at SAMCO we understand that sometimes it takes multipart treatments to get the best results. Our custom-engineered solutions are formulated with that in mind, and when it comes to product recovery and concentration, it is the complex integration of our technologies that make them so effective.

We have been helping our clients recover valuable matter and increase their production efficiency for over 40 years. With cutting-edge membrane and resin technologies, our clients have been able to recover expensive products from their secondary streams, “concentrate up” their products for use (such as lithium), and remove both organic and inorganic contaminants time and time again. Whether you’re looking to remove particulates from a contaminated stream or concentrate lithium chloride or proteins, to name a few, call us today to see if our technologies can help you separate your streams for contaminant removal or concentration.

If you’re like many of the customers we’ve had in the past who seek product recovery and concentration solutions, you may be asking the following:
  • What is the most efficient way to remove waste from our product so we can recover and use it?
  • Some of our product is leaving our plant in our wastewater stream. How can we recover it?
  • How do we recover our product at a greater concentration so we can use it and it’s not going to waste?
  • We have a wastewater stream with a small amount of metal in it. How do we remove it?
  • What is the most efficient way to remove mercury from our wastewater?
  • How do we improve metal contamination in our product stream?
  • We have colloids in our waste that can’t be removed with conventional treatments. What else can we do?


Still have questions? We’re ready to help. Contact us to set up an immediate call with one of our engineers.