UPCORE Ion Exchange

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Dow’s UPCORE™ Ion Exchange system is unique in that its simple design utilizes downflow for the service cycle and upflow for regeneration, compressing the resin at the top of the bed where resin fragments and suspended solids are removed with each regeneration cycle. UPCORE™ removes ionic impurities while it filters out suspended solids from your water stream and eliminates the need to backwash, while maintaining superior efficiency at a lower cost. This technology is also ideal for plant retrofits. 


      • Countercurrent technology proven with low chemical and wastewater volumes
      • Can tolerate high turn down ratios in flow
      • Can handle variations in feed water quality


      • More care required in the selection and design of the process
      • Needs to be a minimum quality of water as far as TDS and turbidity
      • Limitation to how many solids it can handle compared to conventional ion exchange

UPCORE™ is an optimum solution for your purification challenges.

upcore system
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