Water Treatment

wastewater treatment system

Does your facility need an industrial water treatment system? Keep your facility running optimally with the proper, custom-engineered industrial water treatment system. If there is one part of the process you can focus on to immediately see results, it’s the proper treatment of your process water.

Water Treatment Solutions

Raw Water Treatment

Boiler Feed Water Treatment

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Demineralization and Ultrapure Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

gangway of treatment plant

Is your facility meeting local and federal effluent regulations? With increasing pressures to properly treat and utilize wastewater, it’s more important than ever to be resourceful. Whether you’re looking to treat brine, mine drainage, cooling tower blowdown, fracking flowback, produced water, or tailings water, SAMCO can help you economically meet municipal regulations.

Zero Liquid Discharge

liquid discharge pump

Looking to decrease your facility’s water footprint? With tightening regulations on using water and discharging liquid waste, zero liquid discharge could be the answer. Wastewater can often be difficult to manage, especially when local regulations prohibit discharge or enforce stringent effluent quality requirements.

Process Purification and Separation

purification tanks at facility

With over 40 years of experience providing custom solutions across various industries, SAMCO has some of the most experienced engineers and cutting-edge technologies that can help you solve your challenging separation and purification needs.

Process Purification and Separation Solutions

Brine Lithium Softening

Brine Pretreatment


Product Recovery Concentration

Beverage Purification

Hydrocarbon Removal

Laboratory Water Purification Systems

laboratory testing

Does your facility need quick access to ultrapure laboratory water? With desktop laboratory water purification systems, you could easily access ultrapure laboratory water for a range of everyday applications. For industries ranging from pharmaceutical to food and beverage, having continual access to ultrapure laboratory water can keep your facility focused on what matters most.

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