Start-Up & Aftermarket Services

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Whether you’re just getting started with a new system, or you’re looking to upgrade an older system, SAMCO offers a range of start-up and aftermarket services to keep you running—no matter where you are in your equipment life cycle. 

Start-up Services

Investment in your water treatment and purification systems brings benefits ranging from better product quality to longer service life for process equipment. SAMCO provides the start-up and training support to help you get the most from your investment—right from the start. Ready to serve you from any of several field treatment sites, SAMCO’s experienced engineers ensure peak performance through initiation and beyond, whether we’re seeing your project through installation and start-up or helping you to stay productive through ongoing operations and maintenance support.

SAMCO’s start-up services include:
  • Equipment controls integration
  • Operator training services
  • Media installation & replacement
  • System performance inspection
  • Water quality testing

Aftermarket Services

Looking to get the most out of your existing water treatment or purification equipment? With experience spanning a range of industrial applications, SAMCO’s engineers skillfully combine new and existing technologies to yield cost-effective aftermarket solutions that deliver peak performance. Whether you’re looking to retrofit an existing system to get more out of your investment, upgrade an aging system for greater reliability, scale a system with your changing needs, or simply just repair or replace an original part, SAMCO’s aftermarket services can help you help you avoid downtime and keep costs under control.

SAMCO’s aftermarket services include:
  • Complete list of replacement parts
  • System expansion & capacity scalability
  • Retrofitting, rehabilitation, & system upgrades
  • Equipment optimization

Whether you need guidance with a new water treatment system, or you’re looking to improve your existing system, contact us today to speak with a SAMCO engineer.