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Ever-changing regulations and intense competition for limited resources define today’s market. Environmental guidelines have evolved to a state of complexity that demands sophisticated delivery methods and multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering skills. Cost and technical considerations must be balanced against environmental, economic, and regulatory requirements. Market demands dictate that new technologies and system designs need to be packaged quickly and efficiently to maximize ROI.

SAMCO has committed itself to explore and implement new and better ways to execute these solutions to meet our customers’ needs. That is why our process engineering and concept development phase is essential to the successful outcome of your project.

Before you commit

We take pride in assisting our potential customers with a comprehensive evaluation of process requirements — beginning with a clear definition of the project objective(s), followed by an engineering evaluation during which all pertinent data and information is collected for future analysis. The core of the study will address a viability and tradeoff assessment of competing technologies and unit processes, in addition to an estimation of capital and operating costs.

Feasibility study and consultations

Ensuring your potential project gets started in the right direction, SAMCO will visit your facility and gather relevant operations information, identify critical issues, and discuss with you the desired outcome. After that, our engineers deliver a detailed, conceptual design along with a project estimate.

Our process engineering and concept development services can meet your needs.

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