Maximize Efficiency

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Here at SAMCO, we understand that water is essential to your business—and lots of it. With decades of experience in process water and wastewater treatment in the power industry, we’ve delivered a wide range of process solutions for some of the largest power plants and solar cell companies in the world, and we’re more committed now than ever to helping our customers cost-effectively grow their businesses despite increasing water source challenges and ever-tightening discharge and wastewater regulations.

Let our industry knowledge and innovative technologies help you preserve and polish your current resources, and work with us to explore alternative solutions to your newer, more complicated issues. Whether you’re looking to lengthen the service life of your equipment, solve available water source and discharge limitations, or automate your processes so you can focus on adding more power to the grid, let us help your company maximize its role in a rapidly expanding market.

Our customers seeking solutions for process water and wastewater treatment in the power industry have experienced:
  • Higher efficiency ion exchange for boiler feedwater
  • Reduced sewage connection and POTW fees
  • Increased boiler water pretreatment efficiency
  • Cost-effective waste reduction/recycling
  • Better process automation technology
  • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
  • Superior purification with ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ and UPCORE™ technology
  • Effective custom solutions

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