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We love Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms.  They are the glue that keeps projects running smoothly, efficiently and effectively.  

SAMCO takes pride in the work we have accomplished with several of our EPC partners, and the phenomenal results experienced by them.  You can read below in a Q&A with two of those partners how we’ve helped make their jobs easier and projects come in on budget and in time.

row of turbines in power plant
cooling towers

We endeavor to help our EPC partners before the first quote even comes in by being involved from the start.  With our ability to custom fabricate each part of the project journey, we help create truly efficient and effective solutions for you and the end-user.

Let our industry knowledge and innovative technologies help you preserve and polish your current resources. 

Our dynamic solutions for process water and wastewater treatment in multiple industries have resulted in:

      • Higher efficiency ion exchange for boiler feedwater
      • Reduced sewage connection and POTW fees
      • Increased boiler water pretreatment efficiency
      • Cost-effective waste reduction/recycling
      • Better process automation technology
      • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
      • Superior purification with ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ and UPCORE™ technology
      • Effective custom solutions

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