Reduce Your Footprint

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In the pulp and paper industry, sourcing water and treating large waste volumes can be some of the biggest challenges facilities encounter. Water is used in almost every part of the process, and it’s a key resource that’s becoming more valuable and harder to source by the day. Increasing regulations meant to protect local waterways can force businesses like yours to continually innovate, tighten resources, and reevaluate how newer technologies might help improve manufacturing processes.

Whether your facility is looking to recycle process water for reuse in manufacturing, source pure boiler feed water and/or steam, remove contaminants from rinsing water, or treat difficult-to-manage wastes and sludge, chances are SAMCO has a solution for you.

Ensure your papermaking facility is up to date with the latest water-, energy-, and cost-saving technologies when sourcing water, processing pulp, treating wastewater, and disposing of solid waste.

With over 40 years’ expertise in helping pulp and paper facilities streamline their process, our reliable supply of clarifiers, evaporators, biological treatments, membrane filtration, ion exchange, activated carbon system, and thermal evaporators, among others, can help your plant improve the way it:

  • conserves water
  • reduces energy usage
  • protects equipment
  • processes sludge
  • lessens environmental impact

Let our decades-long industry expertise and innovative technologies help you conserve resources, and work with us to solve your facility’s unique process separation and filtration challenges.

Our customers in the pulp and paper industry have experienced:

  • Higher efficiency ion exchange for boiler feedwater
  • Reduced sewage connection and POTW fees
  • Increased boiler water pretreatment efficiency
  • Cost-effective waste reduction/recycling
  • Better process automation technology
  • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
  • Effective custom solutions

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