Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Polishing

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SAMCO’s mixed bed polishing systems generate ultra-high purity water with a near-neutral pH and low rinse water requirements. Cation resin exchanges hydrogen (H+) for cations, while anion resin exchanges hydroxyl (OH-) for anions. Hydrogen and hydroxide combine to form water, purifying the incoming water. As the resins effectively remove the last traces of salinity and silica from pretreated water, a purer water is achieved than what would otherwise result from conventional demineralization.

Although the process involves more intricate operating procedures, our mixed bed exchangers are ideal for polishing certain types of pretreated water streams for use in process condensate, semiconductor industry feed water, and many other applications.


      • Consistent high-purity water
      • Can handle high variations in feedwater chemistry
      • Proven, long operating history
      • Most plant operating personnel are familiar with this process


      • Requires chemicals
      • Chemical feed storage tanks required
      • Neutralization process required
ion exchange twin bed
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