Protect Your Assets

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Unearthing minerals can be tough on your machinery—and processing them can be even tougher. System corrosion and fouling due to feedwater and wastewater contamination, spent mining brines, and out-of-date machinery can all challenge the productivity of your business while potentially damaging valuable company assets. With cutting-edge water treatment and process solutions, SAMCO is ready to help protect your equipment and increase mineral recovery while reducing and economically treating your waste.

We have extensive experience serving companies like yours to help facilitate better-operating systems and higher productivity by efficiently purifying feedwater, separating out contaminants, and optimizing machinery. The resins we supply have been developed with your critical separation needs in mind, and they can single out and recover valuable material from highly complex wastewater streams. Whether your company excavates valuable resources or processes them for use, consider partnering with SAMCO for some of the most innovative separation and purification solutions in the industry.

Our customers in the mining and metals industry have experienced:
  • Improved environmental compliance
  • Cost-effective boiler water pretreatment
  • Resourceful wastewater reduction/recycling
  • Efficient systems and decreased water use
  • Purer products by superior separation
  • Increased production at lower cost
  • Effective custom solutions

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