How Much Does It Cost to Treat Brine for Reuse and/or Disposal?

  When it comes to managing wastes and byproducts of industry, brines can be some of the most challenging and costly to handle. Certain brine treatment methods, such as desalination or zero liquid discharge (ZLD), generate a smaller volume of brine waste with even higher concentrations of salts and solids, and discharging brine without a permit or … » Read More

In What Ways Can a Facility Reuse Brine Waste?

While used in a number of industrial processes, brines can be difficult to treat and discharge once they’ve reached the end of their useable life. If your plant is looking for more economical ways to manage brine waste, you might be wondering “How can a facility reuse brine waste?” Today there are more instances than … » Read More

What Technologies Usually Make up a Brine Water Treatment System

Although brines are sometimes used in manufacturing (for example, during chlor-alkali processes that uses the electrolysis of sodium chloride to create chlorine and sodium hydroxide), they are also created as an industrial byproduct or waste that can be challenging to treat and dispose of (such as flowback water from fracking natural gas wells). Filtering and … » Read More

What Are the Best Brine Waste Treatment System Equipment and Supply Companies?

Brine waste treatment is a form of wastewater treatment designed to reduce the volume of spent brine prior to discharge, and/or to recover valuable resources such as water, salts, and metals from the stream. Brine waste treatment systems can also reduce energy and chemical consumption and overall footprint when employed as part of a larger … » Read More

Is It Necessary to Treat Brine Waste Before Discharging or Disposal?

Brine waste treatment is becoming increasingly common, not only as a means of achieving compliance with rigorous discharge regulations, but also for the cost benefits that waste minimization strategies can provide. But “is it necessary to treat brine waste before discharge or disposal?” In many cases, treating brine effluent is necessary, though the reasons for … » Read More

What Is Brine Waste, and How Can It Be Treated for Reuse or Disposal?

If you’re new to handling brine waste and are looking for more information about properly treating it for recycling or discharging, you might be wondering “what is brine waste, and how can it be treated or disposed of?” This article provides a general overview of what brine waste is, how it occurs or is made, … » Read More