PFAS and Regulatory Changes: Are You Ready?

PFAS substances have been getting lots of attention lately, largely due to a growing body of evidence demonstrating their toxicity, as well as a resulting flurry of regulatory activity. With restrictions around the manufacture, importation, use, and disposal of PFAS substances set to tighten in coming years, it’s worthwhile to take a closer look at … » Read More

DOWEX UPCORE™ vs. ADVANCED AMBERPACK™: What’s the Difference?

DOWEX UPCORE™ vs. ADVANCED AMBERPACK™: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been investigating process water treatment and separation solutions, chances are that you may have run across DOWEX UPCORE™ and ADVANCED AMBERPACK™. Indeed, these technologies are used across a number of industries, and remain popular solutions for various ion exchange applications. In this article, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between DOWEX UPCORE™ vs. … » Read More

What Is AMBERPACK™ Ion Exchange and How Does It Work?

What is AMBERPACK™ Ion Echange and How Does It Work.docx

For industrial facilities looking to boost the efficiency of its source water treatment, AMBERPACK™ ion exchange might be the compact solution you’re looking for. With efficient water treatment capabilities and a small footprint, these systems are some of the best ion exchange technologies on the market. But while you’re exploring the different ion exchange systems … » Read More

DOWEX UPCORE™ Ion Exchange: Design Considerations for Optimal Performance

For most facilities, DOWEX UPCORE™ technology offers a variety of benefits over other ion exchange technologies, such as greater flexibility in capacity, less chemical and water consumption, and reduced maintenance. UPCORE™ is in many ways a superior ion exchange technology for process water treatment, however, as with any ion exchange system, improper system design, use, … » Read More

What Is DOWEX UPCORE™ Ion Exchange and How Does It Work?

As your facility navigates the various available process water treatment options, perhaps you’ve heard of ion exchange—or, even more specifically, DOWEX UPCORE™—throughout your pure-water solution research. Especially useful for industrial facilities that power their process with steam, these water filtration technologies can increase the efficiency of your process while increasing water demineralization capabilities, essentially providing higher … » Read More

How Do You Choose the Best Ion Exchange System For Your Facility?

  Thanks to their unique ability to selectively target specific contaminants for removal, ion exchange (IX) systems can be an extremely efficient solution for separation and purification of process and waste streams. While they are most commonly used for softening applications, IX systems are also widely used for dealkalization, purification, metals removal, and other specialized … » Read More

How Much Does an Ion Exchange System Cost?

  When industrial companies require ion exchange technology, one of the first questions we typically hear is, “How much does an ion exchange system cost?” This can be difficult—but not impossible—to narrow down because of all the factors that can go into engineering and putting together a system to meet the facility’s needs. In the … » Read More

What Are the Best Ion Exchange Equipment Supply and Technology Companies?

  For industrial facilities looking to ion exchange systems and resin technology for their purification and/or separation technology needs, an important question to consider is, “What Are the Best Ion Exchange Equipment Supply and Technology Companies?” While SAMCO is confident our custom-designed and engineered ion exchange systems are some of the best in the industry, we … » Read More

Does Your Facility Need an Ion Exchange System?

  Ion exchange (IX) is commonly used across a variety of industries, especially chemical and petrochemical, power, mining and metals, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, municipal, semiconductor, and others. IX can be an efficient solution for a variety of applications, including water softening, purification, separation, and pretreatment to protect downstream equipment and improve operational performance.   … » Read More

Ion Exchange vs. Reverse Osmosis: Choosing the Best Treatment System for Your Needs

    Ion exchange (IX) and reverse osmosis (RO) can be used to solve some of the same separation needs, and are sometimes even used in combination with one another. Still, IX and RO differ in a number of ways that affect their overall suitability and cost-effectiveness for a specific process or application. If you’re … » Read More

Common Ion Exchange System Problems and How to Fix Them

  Ion exchange (IX) systems can be an efficient solution for various demineralization, purification, and wastewater treatment needs. In fact, IX systems deliver several advantages over chemical treatment, as they generally require less space, less labor, no sludge disposal, and lower operational costs. While such benefits are attractive, you might be left wondering “What are … » Read More

What is an Ion Exchange System and How Does It Work?

Ion exchange (IX) systems are used across a variety of industries for water softening, purification, and separation purposes. While the chemistry of individual ion exchange reactions varies from one application to the next, IX is a treatment process where dissolved ions are replaced by other, more desirable, ions of a similar electrical charge. If you’re … » Read More