How Much Does It Cost to Buy, Maintain, and Dispose of Ion Exchange Resins?

When an industrial facility requires ion exchange technology as part of its process, it’s important to not only know how much the ion exchange resins cost but also to factor in expenses associated with maintaining and disposing of them. These costs can be difficult to narrow down because of the many types of resins available on … » Read More

Common Problems with Ion Exchange Resins and How to Avoid Them

Ion exchange resins are useful for many industrial water treatment and separation needs when utilized for suitable applications. In these cases, the technology can be highly efficient with relatively low cost and energy requirements. If they are properly maintained, resin beds can last years before requiring replacement, and for highly selective removal needs in process … » Read More

What Are the Best (and Cheapest) Ways to Dispose of Ion Exchange Resins?

When thoughtfully applied within a water treatment system, IX offers cost-effective and efficient separation, with systems generally running for several years without major maintenance costs. Still, one must be mindful that IX resins degrade over time and must be replaced periodically to maintain system performance. If you’re wondering what happens when an IX resin reaches … » Read More

What Is the Difference Between Cation and Anion Exchange Resins?

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What Are the Different Types of Ion Exchange Resins and What Applications Do They Serve?

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What to Know About Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration

Ion exchange (IX) resins are often highly effective for removing hardness, alkalinity, chloride, mercury, and organics, among other contaminants. While they can offer some efficiencies over other treatment technologies, they also call for specific maintenance processes. With proper care, IX resins can deliver consistent results and have a long service life, making them well worth … » Read More

What Are the Best Ion Exchange Resin Manufacturing and Supply Companies?

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What Is Ion Exchange Resin and How Does It Work?

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