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SAMCO’s sulfate removal process is a membrane process that is used to take contaminates out from the ocean water and/or brine streams.

When sulfates are present in crude oil, the bacteria eat them and break them down into hydrogen sulfide gas. SAMCO’s removal processes efficiently remove sulfates so the biological activity doesn’t take place. When present in your brine streams, bacteria can create a host of problems. Removal is vital to the service life of your equipment.

stone sorting equipment

From enhanced oil recovery to produced water, fracking fluids, and salt feeds for your chlor-alkali plant, SAMCO has a range of nanomembrane and resin technologies that  help you remove sulfates from your brine stream, lessen your purge volume, recycle brine for reuse in your plant, and make more use of your company’s valuable process feeds. 

SAMCO’s innovative sulfate removal process can enhance your treatment options.

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