High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO™)

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High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO™) yields ultrapure water with maximum recovery (up to 90%), and because the system’s purification process is so thorough and able to handle high amounts of silica while consuming much less water than conventional reverse osmosis (RO), it’s an economical option for solving some of your toughest industrial feedwater and wastewater challenges. For processes that frequently foul membranes with organic matter and cause heavy scaling, such as treating scrubber blowdown and seasonally variable feedwater, HERO™ easily increases operational volume while prolonging membrane service life and reducing overall cost and footprint by up to 30%.

Call SAMCO to learn more about how HERO™ might be able to solve your more challenging water/wastewater needs.


  • Low fouling
  • High Recovery
  • Does not require extensive pretreatment for SDI reduction
  • Can tolerate high organics and SDI
  • Can handle a high concentration of silica in feedwater
  • Suitable for most wastewater applications
  • Easily retrofitted into existing conventional ROs to improve recovery


  • High chemical consumption
  • Requires multiple process units
  • Can be relatively high in upfront capital cost