Specialty Ion Exchange

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Some purification needs require more specific removal solutions than conventional deionization can offer. SAMCO has a wide range of specialty ion exchange resins that can be specifically treated to meet your needs, including specialty chelating resins for highly selective process-stream purification. Whether you are looking to remove unwanted colors or taste from your beverages, metals from brine solutions, soaps from biodiesel, or other applications, SAMCO has over 40 years’ experience helping companies like yours meet their process-fluid purification needs.

Some applications our specialty resins can be used for:
  • Removing mercury from your water streams
  • Recovering metals from your brine solutions
  • Separating out soaps and metals from biodiesel
  • Eliminating unwanted tastes and odors from juice, wine, or other beverages
  • Purifying organic process fluids, such as petroleum or mining streams
  • Take out specific ions from product stream
  • Selectively remove contaminants from waste stream prior to discharge (such as mercury, selenium, phenol, etc.)
  • Resins designed for minimal waste
  • Able to focus on point source removal
  • Typically solve problems that membranes and conventional physical chemical separations can’t
  • Suitable for highly difficult applications
  • More expensive than conventional resins
  • Require testing to make sure won’t interfere with other agents
  • Require custom design/not off-the-shelf
  • Require high use of chemicals

Still have questions? Contact SAMCO today and ask an engineer what specialty ion exchange resins might meet your removal needs.