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Hydra-Shoc® technology is ideal for treating aqueous solutions with high flow rates and low amounts of solids. Ideal for light polishing and solids removal, Hydra-Shoc® filtration is useful in treating various types of feedwater, brine solutions, raw water, wastewater, and other applications in the chemical, chlor-alkaki, and food and beverage industries. The membranes filter solids down to a 1 micron level and are ideal for brine pretreatment and harsh chemical environments.

  • Small footprint
  • Filters down to one micron
  • Can be used to filter chemical streams
  • Minimum volume of backwash water
  • With various additives can take out non-compressive materials (such as wax)
  • High-yield recovery
  • Comes with different compatibility materials for various types of feed streams
  • Designed more for polishing
  • Low to moderate solids loading

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