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Granular activated carbon filtration (GAC) is a method of purification that uses activated carbon to purify liquid and gas by the process of adsorption, whereby molecules of a solute, liquid, or gas are trapped on the surface of a solid or liquid. Activated carbon is an ideal material for a wide range purification types since it has a very high internal surface area and can be employed in several different applications such as removing foul taste, odor, and hazardous chemicals.

Carbon filtration is often used to remove chlorine and hydrogen sulfide from water and can be manufactured from a wide range of raw organic materials such as coal, wood, peat, coconut shells, and coke.

SAMCO’s GACs are available complete with all necessary piping controls and automation, and they are skid-mounted to minimize maintenance and space requirements. 

  • Useful for chlorine adsorption
  • Promotes effective organic reduction
  • May require frequent change-out

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