Membrana Degas Membranes

Membrana degas membranes are an extremely high-quality and efficient degasification solution for most water streams. A small device that yields high performance with lower operating costs and maintenance requirements, Membrana degas membranes generally operate cleaner and have a shorter startup time than most conventional stripping tower technologies.

These systems can be efficiently kept on-site and managed by employees easily with no chemicals needed and can achieve < 1ppb oxygen removal and < 1ppm carbon dioxide removal.

Featuring extremely large filtration surface areas, these membranes are ideal for a host of degasification needs. Removing carbon dioxide can help with the frequency of resin regeneration, and taking out oxygen in certain makeup and feedwater application can help prevent corrosion and reduce fuel consumption—these are just a few examples where these membranes can help reduce operating costs.



      • Takes oxygen and carbon dioxide down to extremely low levels
      • No repumping required
      • Small footprint
      • High recovery rates
      • Ideal for the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries


      • Feed stream must be reasonably clean of particles and scaling contaminants
      • Depending on the application, may be more costly than tower-type degasifiers
Membrana degas unit
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