AMBERPACK™ is a high-efficiency packed-bed ion exchange system designed to yield the best water quality while producing minimal waste. By utilizing an upflow service cycle to remove ionic impurities, and a downflow regeneration cycle to reduce wastewater production and regenerant consumption when backwashing resins, the economical design of AMBERPACK™ accommodates more active resin compared to other ion exchange columns. This results in a compact unit that can process both weak and strong electrolyte resin combinations simultaneously.

If you’re looking for an effective demineralization solution that significantly decreases water consumption or reduces wastewater disposal, AMBERPACK™ might be just what you need.



      • Provides water quality over 1 million ohms
      • Provides high yield recovery
      • Low chemical use
      • Can be designed to handle small to large flow rates


      • Not suitable for high TDS and TSS applications
      • Water need to be filtered prior to the unit
SAMCO amberpack system
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