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There is no better way of ensuring that a system is able to perform for your specific needs than to test treatability in lab and pilot studies. Our commitment to maximizing your ROI demands that testing studies and early identification of the most effective process solutions be conducted efficiently and quickly.

Our engineered solutions have been utilized to reclaim water and other valuable process resources, reduce plant-operating costs, expand plant production capacity, and assist with regulatory and compliance issues. SAMCO’s approach is to work closely with each customer to identify potential solutions by evaluating various technologies, developing innovative, customer-specific treatment approaches, demonstrating and quantifying technologies, reviewing associated value, and recommending full-scale system options.

Upon completion of the lab studies, SAMCO will send you a report that includes:

      • Preliminary recommendations
      • Concept alternatives
      • Process flow diagram
      • Budget estimates

Pilot Studies

If needed, SAMCO’s mobile pilot test trailers and systems are designed to allow testing of a variety of processes. These rental units are installed with all necessary instrumentation and controls for operation. Pilot study tests are generally operated for 1–6 weeks. Any changes in the stream consistency that might affect treatment need to be identified during this stage, and SAMCO relies on the proven results of its team’s field experience to accelerate the process of identifying and evaluating alternatives and implementing cost-effective solutions.

Upon completion of the pilot studies, SAMCO will provide:

      • Optimal technology selections, combinations, and performance report of proposed unit
      • Pilot report with various alternatives and recommendations
      • Process flow diagram
      • Proposed project layout
      • Budget estimate
      • ROI projection
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