Project Briefs:

Microelectronics Company Installs Reverse Osmosis and a Portable Exchange Deionizer Ultrapure Water System

Project Overview

At a leading microelectronics company in New York, the client installed SAMCO’s cutting edge ultrapure water (UPW) system that utilized reverse osmosis and a portable exchange deionizer (RO-PEDI) for superior oxygen and bacteria removal, bringing the client’s water into industry compliance for use in their photoreceptor production line.


Satisfy stringent microelectronic water purity standards and achieve 18+ meg-ohm/cm ultrapure water with significant bacteria and oxygen removal.

Scope of Service

The client worked with SAMCO to develop an effective solution that comprised detailed design/ engineering, controls integration, system fabrication, commission, startup, and ongoing maintenance and system support.



  • High bacteria and oxygen levels
  • Stringent industry regulations
  • Fast-track project, concept to completion
  • Critical application requiring high uptime
  • Minimal operator availability


After installing SAMCO’s RO- PEDI system, the client observed marked consistency in ultrapure water quality and maximized ROI. A jumbo 30 cu. ft. PEDI executed off-site regeneration, and a membrane degasifier efficiently removed CO2 and O2—both systems working simultaneously to reduce DI exchange frequency under minimal supervision. A built-in system redundancy resulted in high uptime, and a prepackaged design enabled fast- track, turnkey project delivery that included programmable logic controllers (PLC), automating flow, temperature, pressure, and resistivity monitoring from a remote location.



Project deliverables and equipment included:

  • RO system with storage tank
  • Jumbo cu. ft. PEDI
  • Triplex sand, duplex bag, and .2 micron
  • Heat exchanger
  • Equalization tank
  • Influent booster and transfer pumps
  • Chemical feeds
  • Membrane degasifier
  • Ultraviolet sterilizer
  • Catwalks/platforms
  • PLC controls/remote telemetry
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