Project Briefs:

Major Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility Avoids Detrimental Plant Shutdown with Temporary SAMCO Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Overview

At a leading semiconductor manufacturing company in California, the client utilized SAMCO’s temporary wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to continue production and prevent the plant from shutting down during their permanent system’s upgrade.

temporary waste water platform


Quickly develop and set up temporary WWTP to avoid production cessation during upgrade.

Scope of Service

The client worked with SAMCO to quickly develop an effective solution that comprised detailed design/engineering, controls integration, system fabrication, commission, startup, ongoing operation and maintenance, and demobilization.


      • Potential production shutdown
      • Fast-track mobilization with ongoing operation
      • Performance guarantee
      • Minimal operator availability


When the client approached SAMCO about constructing a temporary WWTP to help evade a detrimental plant shutdown, SAMCO was the only vendorable to bring the project from concept to completion—and did so in a three-week turnaround— helping the client save millions of dollars in potential lost revenue. The temporary WWTP was quickly mobilized for wastewater pH neutralization, utilizing prefabricated skids, piping racks, and platforms for minimal on- site assembly and installation. A built-in system redundancy resulted in high uptime, and a prepackaged design enabled fast- track, turnkey project delivery that included programmable logic controllers (PLC), automating flow, temperature, pressure, and resistivity monitoring.


Project deliverables and equipment included:

        • Equalization tanks
        • Influent booster pumps
        • pH reaction tanks
        • Acid/caustic feed system
        • Piping racks, stairs, platforms
        • Secondary containment
        • PLC controls
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