Project Briefs:

Major Petrochemical Plant Expands Plant Production with AMBERPACK™ Deionization System

Project Overview

In order to accommodate increasing production requirements at a prominent petrochemical plant in Mexico, the client consulted SAMCO to custom engineer a deionization system that could perform efficiently at a greater volume. Meeting the client’s needs, SAMCO provided a multifaceted solution to help the client effectively expand production while maintaining the water quality necessary for suitable boiler makeup water.


Meet stringent boiler feedwater quality requirements for the petrochemical industry.

  • 1 micromho/cm
  • 10 ppb silica

Scope of Service

SAMCO delivered a detailed process, mechanical and electrical design and engineering, controls integration, system fabrication, commissioning. startup, and training.


  • Extremely low silica required for stringent boiler makeup water requirements for use in the petrochemical industry
  • Maintain superior deionization with high flow volume


When the client need to expand production to meet high demand, SAMCO designed, engineered, and implemented a state-of-theart AMBERPACK™ Deionization System capable of processing 2,200 gallons of water per minute. The system featured a two-train ion exchange unit with cation and anion exchange pressure vessels in addition to a polishing ion exchange cycle for maximum results. SAMCO also installed programmable logic controllers (PLC) to automate flow, temperature, pressure, and resistivity monitoring with a PC-based operator interface for ease of use.



Project deliverables and equipment included:

  • AMBERPACK™ Deionization System
  • Tube filter system
  • WAC/SAC cation exchange pressure vessels
  • WBA/SBA anion exchange pressure vessels
  • SAC/SBA polishing ion exchange pressure vessels
  • Instruments/valves
  • Chemical storage & metering equipment
  • Resin backwash towers
  • Auxiliary pumps
  • Required tanks and filters
  • PLC controls
  • PC-based operator interface
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