Project Briefs:

Fruit Juice Manufacturer Gains Reliable Decoloring and Deflavoring Process with SAMCO Ion Exchange Technology

Project Overview

When a prominent Washington state fruit juice manufacturer needed a process for removal of color and flavor from its apple and pear juices, SAMCO answered the need with a 100 GPM ion exchange (IX) system.


Remove ions contributing to color and flavor from apple and pear juices. Project specifications:

  • 100 GPM production rate capacity

Scope of Service

SAMCO delivered a turnkey IX system, providing services entailing detailed process, mechanical and electrical design and engineering, system fabrication and controls integration.


  • Stringent sanitary standards for food and beverage industry
  • Integration with existing customer control system


SAMCO delivered a 100 GPM IX system to achieve fruit juice flavor and color removal per the client’s production needs. In order to meet important safety standards for food and beverage manufacturing, SAMCO constructed the exchanger unit from stainless steel and fabricated all peripheral tubing and valves from sanitary materials. To ensure a smooth transition and fast startup, SAMCO utilized a packaged design for fast-track delivery, and included an integrated remote input/output (I/O) panel capable of interfacing with the customer’s existing control system.



Project deliverables and equipment included:

  • 100 GPM stainless IX system
  • Internals, instruments, and valves
  • Remote I/O pane
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