Project Briefs:

Biodiesel Fuel Producer Optimizes Purification Line, Realizes Substantial Cost Savings with SAMCO Ion Exchange System Rental

Project Overview

When a biodiesel fuel producer needed a cost-effective solution for its glycerol removal needs, it looked to SAMCO for a rental ion exchange (IX) system to reliably and affordably serve its needs.


Remove glycerol from biodiesel fuel prior to final purification steps.

Scope of Service

SAMCO delivered an IX rental system comprising basic and detailed process and mechanical design and engineering, system fabrication, and commissioning.


  • Stringent glycerol contaminant limits per biodiesel fuel quality standards
  • Limited budget


SAMCO delivered a five-vessel IX system for removal of glycerol as part of the client’s biodiesel purification process. Provided in a rental arrangement, the solution stayed within tight budgetary constraints, while still delivering the reliability and performance needed to maintain client production volumes. SAMCO designed the system with three 8-foot diameter and two 7-foot diameter columns, vessel internals, instrumentation, and valves. To enable fast-track delivery and startup, SAMCO also provided full fabrication and commissioning services.


SAMCO delivered a rental IX system, including:

  • Three 8’ diameter IX columns
  • Two 7’ diameter IX columns
  • Instruments and valves
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