Biological Trickling Filter

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Biological trickling filters are used to remove organic contaminants from both air and wastewater. They work by passing air or water through a media designed to collect a biofilm on its surfaces.

Biological Trickling Filter Design

The biofilm may be composed of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which breakdown organic contaminants in water or air. Some of the media used for these systems include gravel, sand, foam, and ceramic materials.

Biological Trickling Filter Applications

The most popular application of this technology is municipal wastewater treatment and air remediation to remove H2S at municipal sewer plants.

Biological trickling filters can be used in many situations where odor control is important.


  • Very low energy use
  • Very effective for air remediation
  • Durable system components


  • Little control over the treatment process
  • Media may clog

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