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Project Briefs

Chemical Drum Cleaning and Recycling Facility Reduces Chemical and Sludge Waste with SAMCO Dissolved Air Flotation Technology

Project Overview

At a leading South Carolina chemical company, excess sludge waste and chemical feeds produced by drum cleaning and recycling operations demanded an efficient treatment solution. SAMCO answered the client’s need with a turnkey wastewater treatment system (WWTS) that optimized reuse rates and delivered rapid returns.
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Treat wastewater streams from chemical drum recycling operations to improve recycle/reuse rate, and meet discharge specifications for complex contaminants, including:

  • Oil and grease
  • Suspended solids
  • Discoloration

Scope of Service

SAMCO delivered a turnkey WWTS, providing comprehensive engineering services, including treatability studies, design, on- and off-site fabrication, controls integration, and startup support.


  • Complex contaminants
  • Stringent discharge limits for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  • Exceptional durability for extended equipment life


SAMCO engineered a turnkey 100 GPM WWTS to reduce sludge waste generated by plastic and metal drum recycling operations. The design featured a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system in lieu of a clarifier unit to remove suspended solids. The efficient design produced a recycle/reuse rate of up to 70% and reduced chemical feeds and sludge waste, yielding a one-year investment return. To ensure lasting durability, the WWTS design fabricated the reaction tanks unit (RTU) and DAF system from corrosion-resistant SAE 304 stainless steel. The WWTS was also designed to allow for modular scalability to accommodate expansion loads, and was outfitted with programmable logic controls (PLC) to minimize operation and maintenance demands while providing process monitoring for flow, level, pressure, pH, and other factors.


WWTS components included:

  • SAE 304 stainless steel RTU and DAF system
  • Equalization tank
  • Chemical feeds
  • Recycle and influent pumps
  • Sludge handling/filter press
  • PLC controls