Steel Manufacturing Facility Recycles Its Industrial Wastewater with Ultrafiltration Technology

Rare Earth Mining Company Enhances Specialty Acid Recovery with Pilot-Scale Multi-Unit Filtration System

Food-Ingredient Manufacturer Enhances Acid-Separation Process with Highly Efficient Packed-Bed Ion Exchange

Recycling Facility Works with SAMCO to Recover Valuable Semi-Precious Metals from Scrap Alloy

Major Food Manufacturer In Buffalo, NY, Works With SAMCO to Produce High-Purity Boiler Makeup Water

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Producer Leverages SAMCO Tube Filtration System for Efficient Reuse of Sulfuric Acid Process Stream

Fruit Juice Manufacturer Gains Reliable Decoloring and Deflavoring Process with SAMCO Ion Exchange Technology

Major Aluminum Manufacturer Treats Chemical Bath With SAMCO Ion Exchange, Avoids Need to Discharge Waste

Post-Transitional/Semi-Precious Metals Producer Recovers Valuable Metals from Scrap Electronics Leachate

Power Plant Optimizes Boiler Feed Purification for Continuous Flow with SAMCO Multimedia Filtration Unit

Biodiesel Fuel Producer Optimizes Purification Line, Realizes Substantial Cost Savings with SAMCO Ion Exchange System Rental

Major Photographic Film and Chemical Manufacturing Facility Efficiently Recovers Silver and Purifies Wastewater

Juice Manufacturing and Bottling Facility Improves Water Purity and System Efficiency with SAMCO RO System

Major Metals Reprocessing and Recycling Facility Optimizes Metals Recovery with SAMCO’s Wastewater Treatment Plant