Chemical Manufacturing Company Efficiently Turns Contaminated Well Water into High-Purity Boiler Makeup and Process Water

Rare Earth Mining Company Enhances Specialty Acid Recovery with Pilot-Scale Multi-Unit Filtration System

Rare Earth Mine Recycles Brine Stream for Acid and Caustic Production with SAMCO’s Multi-Stage Brine Conditioning System

Recycling Facility Works with SAMCO to Recover Valuable Semi-Precious Metals from Scrap Alloy

Sulfuric Acid Plant Supports Plant Expansion With SAMCO Ultra-High Purity Reverse Osmosis System and Ion Exchange Polishing

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Producer Leverages SAMCO Tube Filtration System for Efficient Reuse of Sulfuric Acid Process Stream

Chlor-Alkali Plant Optimizes Potassium Chloride Dissolution Line with SAMCO ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ Ion Exchange Technology

Specialty Chemical Production Facility Cuts Wastewater Discharge Costs with SAMCO’s High Pressure Reverse Osmosis Technology

Metal Parts Manufacturer Gains Production Flexibility and Reliable Discharge Compliance with SAMCO Wastewater Treatment Technology

Lithium Refinery Leverages Dilute Process Solution for Production of Lithium Carbonate with SAMCO High Pressure RO System

Chemical Refining Company Softens Lithium Chloride Streams prior to Lithium Carbonate Production with SAMCO Ion Exchange

Post-Transitional/Semi-Precious Metals Producer Recovers Valuable Metals from Scrap Electronics Leachate

Chlor-Alkali Plant Improves Efficiency with ADVANCED AMBERPACK™ Ion Exchange Technology

Sodium Hypochlorite Producer Optimizes Brine Softening Process with SAMCO Ion Exchange Technology

Chemical Drum Cleaning and Recycling Facility Optimizes Reuse Rate, Realizing One-Year Investment Return

Major Photographic Film and Chemical Manufacturing Facility Efficiently Recovers Silver and Purifies Wastewater

Major Photographic Film Facility Installs Ultrapure Water System for Higher-Purity Water

Chemical Manufacturing Plant Cuts Project Costs and Preserves Productivity with SAMCO Well Pumping System

Superfund Landfill Builds Leachate Treatment System to Remove Lead and Other Heavy Metals per US EPA Consent Order

Leading Aerospace Manufacturer Utilizes Groundwater Treatment Plant to Meet NYSDEC/US EPA Regulations

Chemical Drum Cleaning and Recycling Facility Reduces Chemical and Sludge Waste with SAMCO Dissolved Air Flotation Technology