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Here at SAMCO Technologies, we understand that proper, economical industrial water treatment is essential to the efficiency and overall success of your facility’s everyday process.

While we are confident that our  ion exchange resin technologies are some of the most innovative and effective in the industry, we also realize they might not be the best fit for every facility and believe it’s important for our potential customers to be aware of the available options when searching for ion exchange resin solutions.

For this reason, we have assembled a list of “the best ion exchange resin manufacturing and supply companies” below, including who they are and what they have to offer:

The Dow Chemical Company

Who they are

Dow is a chemical corporation that combines science and technology to provide innovations that help the company’s customers produce and conserve clean water and energy and increase productivity. Their businesses range from chemical to agrosciences and plastics. Their water and process solutions group is an international ion exchange and membrane resource for water purification.

What they offer

Dow’s ion exchange resins cover applications in water softening, pharmaceuticals, mining, and more. They come in a variety of chemical compositions, polymer structures, and particle sizes and can be used to remove just about any element on the periodic table.

Evoqua Water Technologies

Who they are

A global water treatment company that serves municipal and industrial companies, Evoqua Water Technologies aims to help companies meet water quality regulations and environmental compliance while increasing their water usage efficiency.

What they offer

​Evoqua Water Technologies supplies a variety of anion, cation, and chelating resins that are both developed by Evoqua and provided by other manufacturers. Evoqua also houses specialty resins for companies in the microelectronic and nuclear industries, among others.


Who they are

LANXESS has nearly 80 years of experience in water treatment. They develop and produce ion exchange resins and iron oxide adsorbers; they are also starting to offer reverse osmosis membrane elements. Their production facilities are located in Leverkusen and Bitterfeld, Germany, and Jhagadia, India.

What they offer

LANXESS’s Lewatit® ion exchange resins can be used in various industries for selective removal. For example, in the power generation industry, the Lewatit® resins can be used to produce ultra-pure boiler feed water and steam to help the facility avoid incrustations and corrosion. They can also remove heavy metal ions and organic pollutants from water/wastewater, among other contaminants.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Who they are

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation has been manufacturing ion exchange resins synthetic adsorbents for over 70 years. They have over 200 compositions of separation media for variety of applications in the power, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

What they offer

The company offers a line of ion exchange resins and chelating resins called DIAION™. They are a gel type of resin with a porous, homogeneous matrix structure within the bead that can be used for processing large molecules. They can also be used in non-aqueous media


Who they are

Purolite is a developer and producer of ion exchange, catalyst, adsorbent, and specialty resins that serve a variety of industries, such as metals plating, pharmaceutical, and power. They also practice sustainable business operations in the development, distribution, and packaging of their products.

What they offer

With a variety of adsorbents, chelating resins, mixed bed technologies, and strong and weak anion and cation resins, among others, Purolite’s ion exchange resins cover an assortment of applications. Some of their products include the Microlite™ series of premixed powdered ion exchange resin-fiber products used in condensate polishing systems and Purofine™ grade products have a uniform particle size.

ResinTech Inc.

Who they are

ResinTech Inc. manufactures ion exchange resins for both water and wastewater treatment applications, including deionization, metals removal, and resource recovery, to name a few. They have their own laboratory for developing and testing their products and how they serve industries such as power, pharmaceutical, and aquarium. They also provide products such as activated carbon and ion exchange membranes.

What they offer

ResinTech’s ion exchange resins range from strong and weak anionic and cationic resins, as well as specialty, mixed bed, and uniformly sized resins. Their products work well for both small and large installations, such as home water softeners to large industrial systems.

How can SAMCO help?

SAMCO has over 40 years’ experience custom-designing and manufacturing ion exchange systems and providing ion exchange resins for a range of industries and solutions, so please feel free to reach out to us with your questions. Some of our most innovative solutions come in the form of the various resin technologies we offer. Our resins cab be extremely effective in the removal of hardness, alkalinity, chloride, mercury, and organics, to name a few.

We are also the Northeast licensed distributor of AMBERPACK™ and UPCORE™ technologies by The Dow Chemical Company (formerly Rohm and Haas). These are two of the most advanced ion exchange systems available today.

For more information or to get in touch, contact us here to set up a consultation with an engineer or request a quote. We can walk you through the steps for developing the proper solution and realistic cost for your ion exchange treatment system needs.

To learn more about SAMCO’s innovative technologies and services, visit our innovations page here.

SAMCO provides a wide variety of industrial ion exchange technologies, as well, including a host of other filtration and resin services:

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