Industry Focus: Petrochemical and Chemical Industry Trends and What They Mean For Your Wastewater Management Strategy

Chemical and petrochemical products are so central to manufacturing that it’s hard to find examples of goods that don’t involve them at some point in production. From primary chemicals used in manufacturing to end-consumer goods, the chemical and petrochemical industry’s products span plastics, packaging, fertilizers, electronics, cleaners, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, construction materials, clothing, and … » Read More

Working with EPC Contractors: A Q&A with Industry Insiders

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts are on the rise for large industrial construction projects, particularly within the power, manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors. In essence, an EPC firm provides all design and construction services under a single contract. This can yield efficiencies in the execution of the project compared to other delivery approaches, … » Read More

Case Study: UF Wastewater Treatment Solution for a Steel Mill

Membrane technologies deliver expanded capacity, reuse-ready effluent in an innovative wastewater treatment application for hot-formed steel manufacturing Background When a North American steel mill decided to expand its production capacity, it knew an expansion of its wastewater treatment plant was in order as well. But as the steel mill took stock of its existing challenges … » Read More